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A unique pool of knowledge

Many airport regions will face a growing demand for airport expansion in the coming years. At the same time, the people who live close to airports fear that this expansion will have a negative impact on the quality of life.

The Airport Regions Mediation Competence Centre (ARC) in Vienna serves as a collection point for international experience in airport mediation and participative planning. Its objective is to provide ARC members with information and best practices in airport mediation.

A balance of ecological, economic und political interests
Infrastructure projects - such as investments in airport expansion - are meeting increasingly fierce resistance from the population. Communities and citizens‘ initiatives demand to be heard and want to be included in decision-making processes. A look back at the recent past shows that projects carried out with the participation of local citizens, which are focused on achieving a balance of ecological, economic and political interests, generally bring better results for all parties.

Everyone must work together
The ARC functions as a tool box for regions, providing a wide variety of know-how from successful projects in other areas in the world. The first step focuses on communication and information through the development of a web-based knowledge database with recent findings from airport mediation processes. The Airport Regions Mediation Competence Centre will also provide additional services for its members that include seminars and consultation.
Of course, there is no magic formula. These many roads come together from all sides - country, region, cities, citizens and companies - and the ways of developing an accepted balance of interests are very different. However, one thing is clear: everyone must work together.

This website symbolises the creation of a unique pool of knowledge. It is the result of wide-ranging know-how compiled by a wide range of men and women.